PHP Form Builder v3.5.1

PHP Form Builder is a complete library based on a PHP class, which allows you to program any type of form and layout them using simple functions. PHP Form Builder includes the best jQuery plugins available and allows you to implement them in a very simple and elegant way.

What is PHP Form Builder?
PHP Form Builder is a complete library based on a PHP class, which allows you to program any type of form and layout them using simple functions.

PHP Form Builder is NOT a drag & drop form builder.
It is actually much more powerful than a drop form builder.

PHP Form Builder includes the best jQuery plugins available and allows you to implement them in a very simple and elegant way.

Validation (live and server side), sending emails and records in a database are also extremely simplified.

The documentation is suitable for both novice PHP users and experienced programmers.

Numerous examples of code are available: Templates, “How to”, Function reference, …

Quick & efficient help guaranteed.

Note that the forms must be programmed in PHP:
there is no GUI or online editor.

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Main featuresMain features
Build any form with any frameworkBuild any form with any framework
Validate posted valuesValidate posted values
Send your emails using customizable html/css templatesSend your emails using customizable html/css templates
Connect your databaseConnect your database and Insert, Update or Delete records
120+ prebuilt templates included120+ prebuilt templates included
Bootstrap formsBootstrap 3 + Bootstrap 4 Forms
Material Design formsMaterial Design Forms
Foundation formsFoundation Forms
Sublime-text 3 plugin availableSublime-text 3 plugin available
Generate any type of formGenerate any type of form
Contact FormContact Forms
Registration FormRegistration Forms
Login FormLogin Forms
Order FormOrder Forms
Ajax FormAjax Forms
Modal FormModal Forms
Step FormStep Forms
Dynamic fields FormDynamic fields Forms
Accordion FormAccordion Forms
… & much more …
Highly customizable layoutHighly customizable layout
Horizontal FormsHorizontal Forms
Vertical FormsVertical Forms
Inline FormsInline Forms
Input groupsInput groups
Button groupsButton groups
Any custom HtmlAny custom Html
PHP Form Builder generates clean HTML5 markup (validated with W3C), with two separates functions to generate CSS and JS code, so you can render them separately.Plugin CSS & JS files are combined and compressed for minimum weight and fast loading

Suitable for use with any CMS
Wordpress WordPress


WordPress Drupal

IDE extensions and plugins for auto-completion
PHP Form Builder Visual Studio CodeVisual Studio Code

PHP Form Builder Sublime Text pluginSublime-text 3 plugin

PHP Form Builder Bracket pluginBracket plugin

Build Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Material Design & Foundation Forms
\Bootstrap 3 / Bootstrap 4 css
Choose your prefered theme among the preview themes (most from Bootswatch)
… or use your own Bootstrap to match your site design
Can be used with any other framework
Can be used without any framework
\Material Design Forms
Add Material Design plugin to generate Modern Material Forms
Material forms are built with Materialize. This means that you can build Material forms and use Bootstrap themes simultaneously.
\Foundation Forms
Create Foundation 5 and Foundation 6 forms
Powerful jQuery plugins integrationPowerful jQuery plugins integration
Add any special field in just one line of code

jQuery plugins included :
Bootstrap-selectBootstrap-select (select with icons, searchbox, …)
Dependent FieldsDependent Fields
File uploadjQuery File upload (12$ value)
jQuery ValidatorjQuery Validator (50$ value)
I-checkI-check (custom checkboxes / radio)
LaddaImage Picker
LaddaLadda (Buttons spinners & loaders)
I-checkNice Check (custom checkboxes / radio)
PassfieldPassfield (password generator / checker)
Select2Select2 (select with icons, searchbox, …)
Word/character counterWord/character counter
Others plugins included :
Recaptcha V3 + Responsive RecaptchaRecaptcha V3
Invisible RecaptchaInvisible Recaptcha
Recaptcha V2 + Responsive RecaptchaRecaptcha V2 + Responsive Recaptcha
You can easily add any other external plugin.

Activate any jQuery plugin with a single line of code !
Store several jQuery plugin configurations, and call them with a single line of code !
When you activate a plugin, the needed css and js files will be automaticaly rendered.

Complete documentation and Functional Templates online
Wordpress Users : Screencast Tutoriel available : How to build a Contact Form with Php Form Builder & WordPress.

If you like it please rate it !

Form generation with options for layout (horizontal, vertical, inline).
Accepts any HTML5 form elements, including fieldsets, multiple selects, optgroups, button groups, …
Allows to customize HTML with wrappers, IDs, classes and attributes, Javascript events, custom code almost anywhere.
Default options ready for Bootstrap.
Email sending with advanced options.
Database recording
Server-side validation, with multilanguage errors gestion.
Powerful integration of any Javascript plugin (jQuery or any other library) : configure the plugin XML file, PHP Form Builder will generate all code for you (CSS includes, JS includes and JS Domready).
Can memorize several custom configurations with each plugin (as many as you want), so you can reuse them easily.
Renders separate HTML code, CSS includes code for plugins, JS includes code for plugins and JS Domready code for plugins.
Can display HTML code for debug purpose.
20 prebuilt templates included
Complete documentation with examples.

Customer feedback :
Not only is this form builder amazing. It comes with great customer support. I am so happy I bought this. I bought a couple other form builders before this one. I wish I would have just bought this one first!
One of the greatest PHP scripts I’ve been using for a long time! Well documented, many professional features (I’m not missing anything), super quick support, very clean coded, and, and, and,….
You have to buy this script, if you need a professional PHP form solution!!!
Absolutely love this item. Flexible, customizable as you need.
The plugin has saved me a ton of time so far. Looking forward to using it on all my projects. Good work!
Its hard to tell, between great and clean code and awesome customer support. Congratulations!
Brilliant little script, very customisable and the author support is best Ive had off envato market. Cheers Gilles, great service
This is most likely one of the best scripts out there. The customer support is phenomenal!!! I would recommend any of migli scripts to anyone who is in need of them and have no issues with support from him. I rate him and all his work and work ethics a 5 star grade. Good luck to you in the future Mr. Migli.
Gilles (aka Migli) is an absolute gentleman to do business with. A great product for us with great support…provided within an hour or two of asking on a …SATURDAY afternoon. You cant beat that!
Really awesome class for forms. I am still reviewing all of the options but I like the way it is coded.
Good author, good code, nice product.
Awesome product, and excellent customer support.
Code and design quality bundle with excellent support from the author make this product a must have !!!
Awesome code and great support, as well as lovely display.. what else could I ask for? Just great, I highly recommend it!
Gilles has been wonderful with his support, helping us set up the forms, get the paths correct and generally doing a great job either fixing things himself or pointing us in the right direction to get our issues sorted out. Thanks so much!
Clean, readable code with good documentation. The product is well supported by the author with ongoing updates. The main reason I am giving 5 stars is for the flexible possibilities you have using this code with bootstrap
Great flexibility and ease of usage, 5 star!


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