Laravel Ecommerce v4.0.6 – Universal Ecommerce/Store Full Website with Themes and Advanced CMS/Admin Panel

Laravel Ecommerce CMS is selective solid and reusable thing with pack of full propelled highlights. An online business store is about execution and security and PHP Laravel Framework is the best decision, it is generally secure, quick and lightweight system.

Change Logs:

Version 1.1: Released Date: 04 Aug 2018
- Duplicate products issue is resolved.
- Delete product attribute issue is resolved.
- Update tax issue is resolved.
Version 1.2: Released Date: 02 Sep 2018
- Bug on signup page fixed.
- Duplicate products issue fixed.
- Upload multiple product images issue fixed.
- Facebook setting issue is fixed.
Version 1.3: Released Date: 24 Nov 2018
- Instamojo payment method added for our Indian Customers
- Hyperpay payment method added for our Middle East Customers
- Flash Sale Section Added on Site Home Page 
- Product types are added. i) Simple ii) Variable iii) External
- Products are associated with multi categories.
- Products stock can be managed according to the products types.
- Products Attributes based inventory management added 
- Products stock min/max stock is added.
- Product detail left and right banners with expiry date.
- Upload website logo/name from admin panel.
- Static banners management for CMS.
- Calculate shipping price by products weight
- Free shipping over set order total feature added
- Order cancel / order return option is added
- Multi admin feature (admin role) is added with assigning privileges.
Website Bugs Fixes:
- Sign up page issues fixed
- Minor bug fixes and improvements 
Admin panel CMS Bugs Fixes
- Delete product attribute bug is fixed.
- Update tax bug is fixed.
- Additional products image bug is fixed.
- Facebook secret key missing is added.
- Admin panel links corrected.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
- Restructure and Normalize Entire Database with new Tables and Table Fields.
- Admin Roles table is added.
- Admin Types table is added
- Site logo and site name in setting table.
- Products options / options description table added
- Products options values / options values description table added
- Hyperpay payment method fields are added.
- Flash sale table is added
- Products detail left and right banner with expiry date fields are added.
- Constant banner table is added.
- Orders table transaction_id field is added for payment methods.
- Products shipping rates table is added to manage shipping rate by product weight.
Version 1.4: Released Date: 25 Jan 2019
- Favicon and Admin logo is handled from CMS.
- Image upload validation implemented.
- Facebook SDK is updated for latest version
Website Bugs Fixes:
- Fixed Push Notifications Service issue
- Fixed Contact us email issue
- Fixed Search 
- Fixed Stock Issue.
- Product Active/Inactive bug has been fixed.
- Fixed Admin out of stock products report.
- Admin panle flash sale show time bus fixed.
- Active/inactive devices bug is fixed.
- Some other bugs fixes and improvements. 
Version 1.5: Released Date: 28 March 2019
- Mailchimp has been implemented for newsletter subscription.
- Design improvements for responsive layout. 
Website Bugs Fixes:
- Coupons errors.
- Cart was not updated while pressing back button on browser.
- Min product order limit cross the remaining quantity if less than minimum.
Admin Bugs Fixes:
- Mailchimp credentials text boxes are placed in websetting.
- Product add and edit buttons are now according to the product types.
- Dashboard Profit Calculation.
- Error occur during deleting some categories and sub categories.
- News categories.
Version 1.6: Released Date: 27 April 2019
Website Bugs Fixes:
- Redirect customer to previous page after login
- News page style issue is fixed.
- News detail page style issue is fixed.
Admin Bugs Fixes:
- Breadcrumb URL now correct of listing category in adding category.
- Restrict user to select future date for dob.
- Coupon expiry date selection is restricted.
Version 1.7: Released Date: 26 July 2019
- Improved Upload Image Script
Version 4.0: Released Date: 27 Sep 2019
- Major Release
- Restructured Entire Project inlcuded front end, back-end, app api services and database.
- Update Laravel version to 5.8
- Added multiple site headers, footers, sliders, banners
- Added multiple shop page designs
- Added multiple product page designs
- Multi currency feature
- Installation wizard
- Updater from admin to update all future updates with single click
- Merger to merge ionic ecommerce and android ecommerce project with single click 
- And many more features & improvements
Version 4.0.1: Released Date: 10 Oct 2019
- Fixed Purchase code verification bug in installer 
Admin Updates:
- Home page theme setting fixes
- Enable multiple cart page, product detail page, contact us page and shop page
- Multiple Currency fixes
- Language slider fixes
- Enable multi color for website
- Change logo fix
- Slider images for multi Language
- Improve banner data entry
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Website Updates:
- Language Direction
- Language slider fixes
- Expire coupon fix
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Version 4.0.2: Released Date: 12 Oct 2019
- Fixed Updator & Merger script
Admin Updates:
- Fix edit category
- Added default languages, currency and banners
- Fixed admin version for updation
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Website Updates:
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Version 4.0.3: Released Date: 22 Oct 2019
Admin Updates:
- Social Login
- Enable Maintenance Mode, Production and Development Mode
- Fix logo issue for mobile responsive
- Enable Slider and banners data entry with out wizard
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Website Updates:
- Design Fixes
- Add product image magnifier
- Improve add to cart scenario
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Version 4.0.4: Released Date: 24 Oct 2019
Admin Updates:
- Compatible with HTTPS
- Place htaccess file to hide public from URL
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Website Updates:
- Compatible with HTTPS
- Fix add to cart restrictions
- Place htaccess file to hide public from URL
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Version 4.0.5: Released Date: 01 Nov 2019
Admin Updates:
- Change currency algorithm for admin default currency
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Website Updates:
- Social Login fix
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Version 4.0.6: Released Date: 27 Nov 2019
Admin Updates:
- Backup / Restore feature
- Fix role management
- Add animation transition
- Fix number format issue for multi currency
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Website Updates:
- Enable guest checkout
- Add transition
- Fix number format issue for multi currency
- Cart out of stock fix
- Minor enhancements & improvements