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Details of Computer Security [Update: 2020]

Many times people ask a lot about the security of their computer or computer security. For example, which antivirus should I take? Defender e default given by default of Windows 10, etc. Many people have many misconceptions about this. Many follow conventional ideas and give the same suggestions to others. Anyway, I’m trying to answer as many questions as possible in one post.

One thing is for sure, antivirus is not the same thing. That sounds weird, doesn’t it?

All the things we want to suggest fall into a common category. That is, anti-malware. First of all, we need to say what these malware things are. The word malware comes from Malice which is known to us as Malicious in English. Its Bengali meaning is harmful. All software or files that are harmful to the computer fall into this malware category. All malicious things including viruses, trojans, ransomware fall into this malware. Everything we use to protect ourselves from them is known as anti-malware. Various anti-malware companies come up with many versions of their business policies and their customers. The most common versions are 3: Anti-Virus, Internet Security, Total Security. Understand that each must have some additional benefits and defenses.

The question is who is for whom!

Antivirus: For those who want very basic protection, do not use the Internet on a computer or use it occasionally. They can detect basically all viruses, some Trojans, more basic entry level and medium level threats. These are comparatively the lowest priced.

Internet Security: People who use the Internet all the time on their PCs use it. Cloud based security is good. Most people use these. They can detect many types of viruses, including Trojans, but almost none of them provide protection against ransomware.

Total Security: This is a complete bundle. It has all kinds of security features and therefore the price is the highest. Many different features are added to it, including ransomware protection (such as Disk Wiper, File Shredder, Performance Tools, etc.). Those who want complete protection use these.

>> Will I use these?

A: It depends on you. First of all, I would say that self-protection is the best protection. It depends on what you are downloading from the net, what kind of site you are browsing, what kind of files or data you are downloading from your car to your own PC and many more. So even if you are 100% right, it may not be that you will be safe forever. So many people keep these as a helping hand. They themselves were careful. Even then, if someone accidentally or in some other way wants to harm you, what is the harm if someone warns you? There are many more opinions on this subject, there are many more facts, all of which cannot be reported in a single post.

>>> What is the default defender of Windows?

If your Windows is genuine then you will get much better performance. We mostly use pirated copies. Many people say that after removing the ISO from the original site, we crack or put someone else’s license. It would be great if you could give details about it here. In a word, due to lack of time, your Windows is not genuine. Defender’s you will not get 100% full efficiency in pirated copy. But what you get is not bad. With this, if your self-knowledge and protection knowledge is good, you will be far ahead.

>>> The price of these is much higher. How to buy?

You can also buy at a lower price. Most of the current ones do not have disks, direct licenses are provided. You can buy genuine licenses from many sites and download the software from the site and run the license. Many Facebook pages also sell licenses for much less. You can buy from them only if you feel trusted after seeing the reviews of those pages. You can also buy from many online shops. Many of them are bought in bulk so they can give you a genuine license in a very short time. And there are many ways to understand whether the license is valid because all of them have an account on the official site of the software. Even by logging in there, you can monitor your license, expiration, which device is active.

>>> Won’t you run cracked?

If you answer in one word, no. Because these are defective because they are cracked. Also those who crack also do this for some purpose. These include data leaks, spying, backdoor access and many more. You may have a question that you are not an Ahamri, there is nothing on your PC that will be useful to others. However, if you do not feel that your device is not completely safe or can be accessed by someone else, you can run it, but in some cases the effectiveness is 20% to 50%. Let me remind you again that each of these is a very detailed matter; I can’t tell all at once due to lack of time but if I am interested in knowing in your response then I will post in detail about each part in time.

>>> Normally, without all this, only the defender will keep safe?

Can run. Let me give you another piece of advice. Put an on-demand scanner on the PC. For example, malware bytes come first, then emisoft. From time to time you will do a scan with Just Update. However, if you see something unusual that the defender cannot detect, you can scan it with an on-demand scanner. Trust me, it would be effective.

>>> If you run any software, the PC will not be slow?

This is a bizarre question. Why? The answer is also bizarre !!!

Go to the website of each software company and see the minimum requirements and recommendations. Suppose, who has Ryzen 5 3600, 16GB RAM, if you ask him, he will say that everything performs smoothly. But in the case of i3 4th Gen, 4GB RAM, you will see that the software is performing very badly. These depend on your hardware. If you want to work in any way, confirm by looking at the minimum requirements. And if you want good performance in everything, then look at the recommended requirements.

>>> Am I 100% safe if I just keep these paid software?

Uh! Nah !!! 6

Make yourself knowable. Take care of what site you are going to, what you are downloading, whether any software is behaving strangely. Cracked users will set up the game by disabling paid anti-malware, ignoring the warnings of malicious software, and at the end of the day, if they are in danger, they will also tell you, “Am I a joke to you ???”.

>>> Some good anti-malware’s name said.

BitDefender, Kaspersky (banned in USA for spying by Russians), McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro, Asset, Everest etc.

>>> Free software will not work?

It will be an entry level job but it will irritate you again and again for shifting to paid as well as having many limitations !!!

>>> I want to get rid of these problems. What to do?

Shifted to Direct Linux

I know you may have many more questions. Due to lack of time, I could not tell everything properly. Even then I will try to answer your question in the comment box.

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